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These Are Definitely The Best Bad Sounds Videos

These Are Definitely The Best Bad Sounds Videos

Since they’re beginnings, Bad Sounds have continually released a constant stream of bangers, one song in particular from their new debut album ‘Get Better’ is so much of a banger, it is in fact called Banger.

But running parallel to their music is the visual that accompanies. They are just one of those bands that when when they drop that video, you’re gonna have to stop whatever it is your doing and watch it.

To celebrate their accomplished collection of songs (out now in all good record stores and on ‘the internet’), we’re taking a look at our favourite video’s so far.

For a lot of fans, this is where the visuals begin, and this simple, colourful and charming video kicks off their trademark dance moves, now infamous bowl cut, and a cracking leather jacket.

Evil Powers
What happens when an evil super virus comes into your studio MID RECORDING. That’s right, you crack on, because your on a deadline. This video has it all, great graphics, exploding heads and psychadelic dancing skeletons.

Living Alone
Have you ever tried to watch a headless man try and drink a milkshake. It will melt your heart and warm your cockles. This video, shot near Dungeness, features a mysterious cyclist superhero/villan, we’ve not decided which. More dancing. Always more dancing.

Debateably the best of the bunch, and certainly our fave. This video showcases the bands love of kung fu films by just pretending they are in one. Consciously dodgy green screen makes this video hilarious and inventive.

The debut album ‘Get Better’ is out now, download, stream or get signed CD & vinyl here

“With this new release proving even more inventive than their previous material, we can safely say that Bad Sounds = good times.”


These Are Definitely The Best Bad Sounds Videos

P.S You never know if there is another video around the corner..