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Bad Sounds join the Insanity Records family

Bad Sounds join the Insanity Records family

Very proud to announce that Bad Sounds are joining the Insanity Records family. So much amazing music and creativity coming from such a talented bunch. It’s gonna be a MEGA summer.

They’re yin and yang, good cop and bad cop, Andre and Big Boi. Distinct and opposing characters that shouldn’t compliment each other, but undeniably do. Ewan Merrett, the pessimistic hip-hop junkie and documenter of everyday miseries, and his brother Callum, the happy-go-lucky hook lover with dreams of a Flaming Lips-level stage spectacular. Together they’re the magical dichotomy at the heart of Bad Sounds. By which, of course, they mean good.

“Ewan can be kind of a sulky bitch and he can get caught up in the mundane,” Callum explains. “I guess I’m more escapist when it comes to being creative. I find the everyday kind of boring, but Ewan finds it fascinating. Somewhere between the push and pull of those two outlooks there’s a balance that defines what we’re doing.”

As sibling musicians growing up in a house in Chippenham full of the sounds of Beck, De La Soul and Sly & The Family Stone, the pair first dabbled with playing together in school bands, but found themselves on very different paths. Ewan was keen on making hip-hop beats, Callum was more engrossed in the soul, pop and R’n’B of Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye and D’Angelo – “I’m into all the original music that early hip-hop sampled,” he says. So they started making music separately, but would often play each other their songs for support and advice. It was only when they saw the 2010 film Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, though, that they got serious about playing in a band together. “The band in the film is so cool,” says Ewan. “Beck wrote all the songs for it, and it’s got that vibe of young kids in a band – it rekindled my love for bands.”